Mileva Maric


  • Mostly did mathematical physics
  • First wife of Albert Einstein
  • Never recieved credit for her work


Childhood and Growing Up

Early Life

  • Born December 19, 1875, in Titel, SerbiaParents: Marija Ruzic & Milos Maric
  • Oldest of three children
  • When she was young, dad left military & took a job at court in Ruma

  • Started high school in 1886Location: Novi Sad
  • Switched to a high school in Sremska Mitrovica the next year
  • Attended The Royal Serbian Grammar School in 1890Location: Sabac
  • Enrolled at the all male Royal Classical High School in 1891Location: Zagreb
  • Passed the final exams in September 1894
  • Got the highest grades ever in mathematics and physics
  • Fell ill & moved to Switzerland
  • Started studying Medicine
  • She enrolled in a course to teach physics & mathematics at the same time as Albert Einstein
  • Became close friends with Albert Einstein


College Life

College Education

  • Studied at Heidelberg University for the winter semester 1897/98
  • ***
  • Studied:
  • Differential & integral calculus
  • Mechanics & astronomy
  • Descriptive & projective geometry
  • Theoretical, experimental, & applied physics

  • ***
  • Became pregnant in 1901 by Einstein
  • Daughter born in 1902; unknown what happened to her
  • Daughter most likely died before adulthood


Married with Einstein

Married Life

  • Was not treated well
  • Greatly contributed to Einstein's work, but was not given credit
  • Einstein's bad side:
  • Extremely reclusive
  • No care for personal hygiene
  • Cheated; had affairs with other women
  • Unfair extreme demandsMade Mileva do all the work
  • Forbid any personal relations
  • No intimacy with wife
  • Demanded Mileva be quiet and leave him alone
  • Didn't give Mileva any credit for her help/ideas

  • Divorced in 1919
  • Died on August 4, 1948Age 72


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